Does TIL therapy work better for metastatic melanoma?

The Netherlands Cancer Institute is running a trial in which patients with metastatic melanomas receive TIL therapy. TIL therapy is a type of immunotherapy. The effects of the treatment can be compared to the current standard treatment with ipilimumab, a different type of immunotherapy. 

When receiving TIL therapy, the patient will receive large numbers of the body's own immune cells. These immune cells are taken from one of the patient's own tumors. Treatment starts with the surgical removal of a part of the tumor (metastasis). Besides cancer cells, the tumor contains immune cells. 

These immune cells are multiplied at the lab until there are billions of them. Then the patient will have a short chemotherapy treatment to prepare the body for the large number of immune cells that will be returned into their body soon after. 

These immune cells are administered to the patient by IV. the grown immune cells are often able to recognize the cancer cells and destroy them.