Larissa van Golen

I have been working at the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) as a nuclear medicine specialist. I am involved in diagnostics, mainly using PET/CT and treatment for various tumors. My main interest is image-guided treatment.

After my PhD research (Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc) and nuclear health specialist training (Amsterdam UMC, location AMC) I started a fellowship at the UMC Utrecht where I specialized in radionuclide therapies: treatment using radiopharmaceuticals. I gained a lot of experience in the minimally invasive treatment of liver tumors by radioembolization using radioactive microspheres. I am also interested in diagnostics before treatment and evaluation after treatment, and like to be involved in diagnostic and treatment for neuroendocrine tumors and prostate cancer.

My work at the NKI gives me a sense of fulfillment. This is a unique location in which the patient and their oncological needs are central. Through intensive collaborations in our own team and with the other specialisms, we can bring out the best of both the clinical and scientific side of oncological diagnostics and treatment.