Nicole van Kleef

I have been working as a rehabilitation physician at the Netherlands Cancer Institute since January 2019. I have 17 years of experience in guiding and treating people with chronic illnesses who have trouble functioning in daily life. We know cancer can cause common issues such as physical and mental exhaustion, a decline in overall shape, and anxiety. This may make daily activities much harder and could cause problems in regular life.

Your referral to a rehabilitation physician will go through your practicing medical specialist at the hospital. You can be referred at any point and stage of your illness: during or after a curative treatment or when you are receiving palliative care if a recovery is no longer an option but you would like to continue pursuing meaningful activities.

As a rehabilitation specialist, it is important to me to offer you as much information as possible so we can find the most suitable rehabilitation treatment for you. We can offer advice or referrals to rehabilitative care in your region, or start specialized medical treatment at the NKI. All therapists in our teamwork under the supervision of a rehabilitation physician to optimize your activity as much as possible. The exact team delivering your care will depend on your needs. You play an important role in your own rehabilitation, and we will follow your treatment carefully to adapt our care for the best results.