Koen Hartemink

I started working at the Netherlands Cancer Institute as a surgeon in 2013. After my surgical training at the VU medical center in Amsterdam, I further specialized in lung surgery and surgical oncology through further training at this same hospital, which I completed in 2010.

Within the field of lung surgery, I mainly deal with the treatment of non-small-cell lung carcinoma treatment, such as locally advanced lung carcinoma and Pancoast tumors, as well as mediastinal tumors and minimally invasive surgery (robot or thoracoscopic surgery (VATS)).

Within the fields of gastrointestinal surgical oncology, I primarily deal with oesophageal and stomach surgery. I also perform endocrine surgeries (on the thyroid and adrenal gland).

I am actively involved in several research lines within lung surgery and gastrointestinal surgical oncology. The way the Netherlands Cancer Institute combines its excellent patient care by multidisciplinary teams, with its opportunities for scientific research is very valuable to me.