Yvonne Schrage

I have been working as a surgical oncologist at the Netherlands Cancer Institute since 2019. I am interested in the treatment of melanomas and sarcomas, rather rare cancer types. 

After my surgical training at the LUMC, I completed a European fellowship at three of the best oncological hospitals in Europe; in Milan, Paris, and London, after which I treated sarcoma patients as a surgeon in LUMC, and worked as a transplant surgeon. I have brought my experience with me to the Netherlands Cancer Institute.

Because the Netherlands Cancer Institute aims to offer world-class oncological care, I am involved in various international collaborations in sarcoma research. My focus lies on gastrointestinal stromal tumor treatment (GIST). I also value brainstorming about education and research at a European level, which I can do as a board member of the ‘European Society for Surgical Oncology’.

The Netherlands Cancer Institute is the ideal place for me to provide high-quality care to sarcoma and melanoma patients by a highly specialized and skilled multidisciplinary team. I aim to give all my patients access to the newest treatment options and trials to prioritize their quality of life.