Pim van Leeuwen

I have been working as a urologist at the Netherlands Cancer Institute since 2018. Within our team of committed specialists, I take on the treatment of patients with any type of prostate, kidney, bladder, penile, and testicular cancer. Working at the Netherlands Cancer Institute allows me to combine high-quality oncological care with scientific research, which enables us to deliver the best and most innovative care possible to all of our patients throughout the entire process - from diagnostics to treatment, aftercare, and recovery.

I was trained as a urologist at the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam. I received part of my training at the St. Vincents Prostate Cancer Center in Sydney, Australia. I received my PhD after my research on early prostate cancer diagnostics in the European Randomized Study for Prostate Cancer (ERSPC). My main interest in the field of urology lies in the treatment of prostate cancer. The Netherlands Cancer Institute is part of The Dutch Prostate Cancer Network (Prostaatkankernetwerk Nederland). Within this network, I am one of the prostate cancer surgeons who perform surgeries with the DaVinci Robot. By combining and sharing our knowledge and expertise, the Dutch Prostate Cancer Network aims to further improve our patients' treatment results.

I actively participate in the Netherlands Cancer Institute's prostate cancer focus group. Next to us urologists, this focus group consists of specialists within radiation therapy, oncology, radiology, nuclear imaging, and pathology. We can see patients at our prostate cancer rapid diagnostics clinic within a week, and we hold a weekly multidisciplinary team meeting. This helps us ensure that all our patients receive personalized care: all treatment options are considered and made available for our patients at the Netherlands Cancer Institute. As an expert center, we always keep our patients' survivorship in mind and consider their quality of life after the (often drastic) treatment. 

I combine my daily patient care at the Netherlands Cancer Institute with my role in research, focusing on the improvement of prostate cancer diagnostics and treatment. Every day, I aim to offer all of my patients the best care and to meet their individual needs. Personal care is central to my approach. The Netherlands Cancer Institute combines all these factors. 


Positions and focus areas:

  • Robotic surgeon within the Dutch Prostate Cancer Network (Prostaatkankernetwerk Nederland)
  • Member of committee Medical and Research Dutch Prostate Cancer Network (Prostaatkankernetwerk Nederland)
  • Member focus group Prostate Cancer Netherlands Cancer Institute
  • Member research group St. Vincent's Prostate cancer Centre and Garvan Institute of Medical Research


  • 2017: Fellowship EAU Robotic Urology Section Netherlands Cancer Institute
  • 2015: Rob Sutherland Research Fellowship in Urology St. Vincent's Prostate Cancer Center and Garvan Institute of Medical Research in Sydney Australia
  • 2012: PhD in efficacy of early diagnostics and screening of prostate cancer at Erasmus University, Rotterdam

Scientific publications:
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